Dim candles, soft music, the aroma of delicious dinner on Valentine’s day, that’s where we usually see a rose or bouquet of rose fitting well. But apart from looking elegant the flower has other various herbal properties and knowing about it will attract your partner more towards you. Rose, in India, is utilized in various dishes like rose syrup, rose jam, rose milkshake, and much more. Rosewater is considered auspicious and used in many religious rituals. Apart from this, the herbal values are listed below:

  • Rose petals contain compounds that improve metabolism, therefore making them a great remedy for weight loss.
  • According to Ayurveda consumption of rose petals destroys doshas (faults) from your body and increasing your ability to perform sexually.
  • The petals can easily replace your sleeping pills without any side effects. It has qualities to relax your body muscles and give you a peaceful sleep for the whole night.
  • Since the rose petals are rich in fiber they are the best medicine to combat piles.
  • The petals help you deal with the monthly pain during menstruation and also delay the menstrual cycle.

Rose flower is used in various skincare cosmetics to deal with acne and dry skin. It enhances you inside out, no wonder it is claimed as the queen of flowers!

And the easiest way to consume these flowers is, boil them in a cup of tea and drink.