Mountain Rose Green tea – easiest way to women’s heart

For all the women out there, get ready for cramps free menstruation! This is exquisite remedy for your monthly pain, six months of Sower’s Secret Mountain Rose Green tea consumption reduces your monthly cramps. If you have seen your girlfriend/wife suffer through the monthly pain, this is the best gift you can give. One more property of the product which will help you impress your female partner is, Vitamin C in the rose petals helps glow skin. And the best part is, it comes with all other beneficial properties like green tea – helps you get rid of sore throat and cold, strengthens immunity, provides peaceful sleep. The anti-oxidants of the tea leaves are enhanced with the fragrance of rose petals and thus make it the best drink for you.


  • Boil water in a vessel/kettle up to 100-112 F/80-85 degree celsuis
  • Add Sower’s Secret Mountain Rose Green tea leaves to it
  • Steep till the color changes or based on your taste
  • Serve hot, best tastes with honey, maple syrup or sugar.
  • (honey and maple syrup are low in calorie as compared to sugar.)