This exquisite flower with a luring aroma is majorly used for wedding decorations. But who knew it can help you savor your taste buds! Yes, you read it right, lavender is used as one of the ingredients in various cuisines. It is added in baked goods, salads, sauces, and many other recipes, it has a strong smell that gives a different tinge to the food. Apart from adding flavor to your meal, the flower also increases the nutritional quotient of it, here’s how:

  • Lavender has a minimal amount of calories and fats, therefore you can relish your strict without worrying about weight gain.
  • It consists of Vitamin A to a greater extent. Thus, it’s the perfect remedy for night blindness, poor sight, or any other eye infection.
  • Consumption of lavender in your daily meal takes you farther from osteoporosis since the flower is loaded with calcium.
  • There are capsules available in the market which consist of lavender oil, which is consumed to alleviate anxiety and insomnia.
  • Consumption of lavender also strengthens your digestive system.
  • It soothes your body from the inside, thus acting as an anti-inflammatory.

The beautiful flower which was known for its physical characteristics has so much to offer! But make sure the flowers/any part of this plant if you are using it for cooking purpose it is grown organically.