Whether it be morning tea or evening snacks; Vada pav or Pani Puri, an Indian recipe is never complete without ginger. It’s the only root that can be used when fresh, dry, powdered, or in the form of oil. Its unique flavor and fragrance spices the taste and also increases the nutrition of our meals and juices.

Ginger is well known for its medicinal properties, few commonly treated illnesses are cold, cough, nausea, and digestion. Apart from this, the condiment reduces the rate of heart disease, treats osteoarthritis, helps maintain waist size and blood sugar. Ginger consists of anti-oxidants which oxidizes stress hormone thus reducing the rate of heart diseases.

Research in 2019, where the participants were given a ginger powder to consume every morning showed that their blood sugar was in control and their BMI (Body Mass Index) came into proportion.

Another study in 2011, showed that ginger helps treat chronic stomach ache which is majorly caused by indigestion. During the study, a group of participants were provided with ginger capsules while the other group was provided with dummy capsules, the group which consumed ginger capsule emptied their stomach sooner as compared to another group. Ginger not only helps in treating stomach ache due to indigestion but also due to the menstrual cycle.

The highly efficient root helps in managing the degeneration of brain cells. A study among females showed that constant consumption of ginger every morning showed an increase in their reaction time and memory.

As we have seen, the condiment is loaded with health benefits. To gain these benefits, we need to add it to our daily diet, and it is very easy

  • Add finely chopped ginger to morning tea or juice
  • Grate the ginger finely and add in curries or sambhars
  • Gulping a small piece of ginger with hot water early morning
  • Baking cookies, pastries, or cakes with ginger

Last but not the least, ginger also has anti-bacterial effects and maintains your oral hygiene. Thus, now you can have a brightening smile without much effort.