Calm Lavender Green tea – self-care dhamaka

One sip and see your tiredness withering off, it’s a beverage that calms all your bodily senses. The Sower’s Secret Calm Lavender Green tea has fresh lavender petals, it’s an exceptional drink which calms you not only through its tastes but also through its aroma. The aiding nature of lavender can be traced back to history, we get aromatherapy and great health to you at your doorstep! Sower’s Secret Calm Lavender Green tea is perfect to consume before going to sleep since it is the best remedy for anxiety, insomnia, and stress. The drink also reduces hair loss, detoxifies your body, reduces internal inflammation and increases your digestive strength.


  • Boil water in a vessel/kettle up to 100-112 F/80-85 degree celsuis
  • Add Sower’s Secret Calm Lavender Green tea leaves to it
  • Steep till the color changes or based on your taste
  • Serve hot, best tastes with honey, maple syrup or sugar.
  • (honey and maple syrup are low in calorie as compared to sugar.)