About Us

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes” – Marcel Proust

The journey of ‘Sower’s Secrets’ started when we traveled to different parts of our motherland. The extensive travel from Kerala to Kashmir and from Maharashtra to the North Eastern States opened our eyes to the real prosperity of India.

Commodities here are produced with great efforts which give high-quality nutrients but sadly we Indians aren’t the consumers of it. Most of the high-quality food is exported overseas and we settle for third-grade products.

A startling study by WHO (World Health Organization) stated that due to the consumption of adulterated food products the rate of cancer cases in India during 2018 increased by 1.16 million. This means one in 10 Indians is at high risk of developing cancer whereas one in 15 is at the risk of death due to cancer. It is sad to see, the land is filled with lush and beauty and the residents have to suffer through such hazardous diseases.

Sower’s Secret takes an effort to reduce this mishappening, we put an effort to deliver high-quality natural products at your doorstep at reasonable rates. Our products consist of natural ingredients harvested organically, packed with nutrients and affection of mother nature. The materials are purchased from reliable local vendors to maintain quality. Thus, in this Kingdom of God, which is taken care of by Master Sower (Lord and the Farmer), we are just a means to provide proper food to you. We aim to make India a better place, where every individual is provided with good quality food and has sufficient nutrition.

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