About Us

Sower’s Secrets concept was born out of pure passion, to carefully pick niche, unique organic foods locally and internationally which would be beneficial for the mind and body.

Sower’s Secrets brings the choicest healthiest options in natural and organic food available in nature. Food for healthy living. We source our produce from local producers and communities that are working on forest and agriculture produce which are natural and wild. We cater to the entire supply chain from procurement, quality check, brand, promote and sell organic products. Here you can find Green tea, Black tea, Coffee, Herbs, Millet, Honey, Spices, and Cold pressed Oils etc.

Sowers Secrets is an entirely nature-conscious organisation. We work in collaboration with local farmers, beekeepers across India. We work on a few key criteria’s to be organic, to support indigenous food, to support local biodiversity and to increase local employment and reduce our carbon footprint. Sowers Secrets strives to bring to your home high quality, unique